Polyester cord

Is polyester suitable for jewelry?

By all means, polyester materials are stain resistant because they do not absorb water. What's more, they are elastic fabrics, that is, crease-resistant and susceptible to dyeing. This makes them a polyester string is a perfect material for creating durable jewelry. This strong synthetic string ensures color durability and resistance to mechanical damage that can often be caused by normal use. Polyester string is fusible, which is useful in securing jewelry against unraveling and often looks more aesthetic than natural string secured with glue.

When to choose a polyester twine?

Polyester string is a good material for durable jewelry, even those that are not going to be taken to bathing or sleeping. It is also an excellent semi-finished product for physically active people, whose jewelry is often damaged by friction or the sun. Polyester cords are quite slippery, but still easy to tie into a permanent knot, especially when they are small in diameter. They are perfect for jewelry with the addition of cabochons, beads of various materials or metal elements. It is not difficult to find a fitting that matches them, they match any color of metals. They are very popular among both beginners and experienced craftsmen.

Polyester twine on offer from manzuko.com

Our strings are made of high quality polyester braid. They are very thin, beautifully made and durable. They come in many colors that are saturated and stay that way for a long time. They are resistant to both abrasion and stretching, which is their great advantage. They are fusible, which makes it easy to end up with jewelery made of them. They are available in several sizes, including 0.5mm. The selling unit of polyester twine is 2 meters, so you can have a whole range of colors without making a large investment in many spools of twine.