Toho different shapes

Toho different

The shapes of toho beads vary. The company is still trying to improve the shape of the beads, their finish, colors and production process so that you will be delighted with them. We present you the less classic shapes of the iconic Japanese glass beads. They are less popular than the round beads we think of when we hear Toho. However, they are made with the same care and attention to detail. Using different shapes of small beads increases your possibilities to create beautiful and original works.

Demi round

Toho Demi round beads are meant to be semicircular. They are actually tiny, bulky tires. They are perfect not only as separate beads, but also as spacers in various projects.


This mysterious name of Toho beads conceals thin, tube-shaped beads. The length of the bugle beads available in our store is XX mm. They are perfect as spacers in many techniques, from soutache to bead embroidery. Originally, they were mainly used to decorate clothing, today they are used to create jewelry, and less often to decorate accessories.


Multishape is a type of Toho beads perfect for chaos fans. In one color you will find practically all available shapes of Toho beads. This is a great solution if you want to have a large selection of shapes and are limited by your budget. What's more, by choosing Toho Multishape, you create an opportunity to try out many shapes without filling your entire studio with a mass of beads.


Toho Cube are cube beads, or cubic blanks. A large hole in these beads guarantees pleasant threading. Interestingly, the hole in these beads resembles a diamond with its tip inward. This makes the bead easy to thread, but also allows its stable installation.


Thinking about the Hexagon aisle beads, I was imagining hexagonal tiles. However, Toho Hexagon are cylindrical beads with bevelled sides. The cut sides of the beads make them perfectly reflect light. They combine perfectly with Treasure beads as a shiny accessory. What's more, they are perfect blanks for decorating clothes, especially evening clothes.


Magatama are beads with an interesting shape. They resemble a drop of water with an asymmetrically positioned hole. Their design makes them reflect light, adding shine. They are perfect for creating jewelery that looks like forest fruits or just thicker beading designs.


Treasure beads are cylindrical beads known all over the world. The identical shape and size of each bead made handicraftsmen from every corner of the Earth fall in love with them. The thin walls of the beads with a comfortable large hole make it easy to thread and thread the beads. Another advantage is their extraordinary lightness. There are more beads in 5 grams compared to other shapes.