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The word opal probably comes from the Latin opalus, which derives from the Greek opal which has many meanings. Among them we find words such as 'opaque' or 'other'. The Latin word opalus is believed to mean 'to see a color change', which is a great fit for opals. Soft color reflections hidden in these minerals have delighted us for millennia. In Antique they were popular ornaments and amulets, while in Medieval Europe they were adored by monarchs, and the discovery of its Australian sources revolutionized the global view of this mineral.

For decades, it was believed that these stones brought good luck because of the rainbow hidden inside them. Opal wrapped in a bay leaf was supposed to provide invisibility, which could lead to many funny and even dangerous situations.

Properties of opals

Precious opals show a beautiful play of colors resembling fireflies. This is because the mineral's internal structure refracts light at unusual angles. Depending on the conditions of opal creation, it can be transparent, translucent or completely impenetrable by light. There are many varieties of opals, which differ in the type of sparkles they hide, in their clarity and color. Opal colors range from milky to blue, red, purple, green, gold and pink. However, pieces of the same color and type of stone can differ drastically, making each piece absolutely unique.

Opal hardness ranges from 5 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale. Of course, the harder the stone, the more durable it is. Therefore, in jewelry, opals of higher hardness are selected so that you can enjoy them longer. Unfortunately, this mineral can be easily scratched with more precious stones or metal, so storing and carrying opals should be done carefully.

Opals on offer by manzuko

In our offer you will find many different colors of opal. The most popular are milky and pink opals. However, each product, regardless of color and shape, has its own charm. Opal jewelry findings can be found in our store in various shapes. Various sizes of beads, cabochons and strings full of irregular beads are waiting for you!

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