Stainless steel wire

Stainless steel wire is another product tested by us and our clients, which is perfect for creating the basics of equipment for a handicraft workshop. It is a durable, easy-to-use material that is useful in creating works with many craft techniques.

Properties of stainless steel wire

Our surgical steel findings are made of the well-known and popular 316L alloy. It is characterized by excellent resistance to external factors such as sweat and water, temperature changes and everyday us cosmetics. The wire made of surgical steel is a stainless material. It is harder and more durable than silver. In addition, this material is hypoallergenic, so people allergic to silver, nickel, chrome or cadmium can enjoy jewelry made of it without worrying about unwanted reactions.

How to use stainless steel wire

Of course, the first way to use this product is by making jewelry. Steel wires are most often used in the wire wrapping technique. What's more, the thinner wires work well in the intricate art of the filigree. The strength of the stainless steel wire makes it perfect for creating jewelry pins and fasteners. In addition, wire is often used as a construction element in the creation of accessories such as brooches or hair accessories. It works well in the production of bands, crowns and wreaths.

In addition to the use of steel wire in jewelry, it is also used in broadly understood craftsmanship. It is used to create sculptures, cosplay costumes, as well as home decorations and furniture. What's more, as the name suggests, surgical steel wires are also used in medicine.

Stainless steel wire on offer from manzuko

In our offer you will find many sizes of steel wire, which will give you the opportunity to perfectly match its thickness to your needs. The selling unit for this product is 5 or 10 meters. We send the wire to you, wound on a spool, which makes it convenient to store and use, and also protects against bends. When choosing a wire, remember that the larger its diameter, the more difficult it will be to bend it precisely.