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Stainless steel connectors

Stainless steel connectors are jewelry findings that combine beauty and functionality. Their aesthetic appearance, combined with the resistance of stainless steel to the enormity of external factors, makes them perfect products for creating durable jewelry. This material is resistant to water, everyday cosmetics, sun and sweat. Thanks to this, jewelry made of steel can be worn every day without worry.

Stainless steel connectors in our offer

All jewelry findings made of surgical steel sold in our store are, of course, products made of 316L alloy. High chemical resistance and minimal reactivity makes steel products perfect for allergy sufferers.

In our online store you will find several dozen types of stainless steel connectors. They are available in a classic steel color, as well as in golden and rose gold. Among the many different shapes you will find classic circles, infinity symbols, hearts and four-leaf clovers. Of course, there are also popular motifs of the moon, sun and cross. Our clients' favorites also include minimalist stainless steel connectors, as well as more decorated, openwork and filigree connectors.

How to use stainless steel fasteners

Steel fasteners are a strong bond of jewelry products. You can use them in creating bracelets, necklaces and earrings. They look great in accessories created for women and men. At manzuko, we love earrings made in less than a minute from openwork connectors, long tassels and earwires. They are an elegant, light and very effective accessory.

You can use connectors to create necklaces, especially if you are annoyed by moving pendants. You probably guess that the most common connectors are used in the creation of all bracelets. They work great with chains, as well as braided and waxed strings.

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