Koraliki do biżuterii ceramiczne kule 26mm beżowo - szary melanż połysk 1szt CKU26B17

Beads for jewelry ceramic balls 26mm beige - gray melange gloss 1pc CKU26B17

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Sales unit: 1 pc.
Color: beige and gray melange
Diameter: 24 [mm]
Hole size: approx. 3.6 [mm]

Beads for making jewelry made of ceramics. Size 26mm for a very massive bracelet or necklace accessory. Hand-formed, fired three times at high temperatures. Durable colors, high gloss. Very good quality - made of porcelain, not ceramic plaster - they do not chip or crumble. Ceramic beads are great to wear and make a makeover when fashion changes. The hole allows mounting both on jewelry lines and on suede and leather straps.

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