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Ceramic bead tube blue 16x16mm 1pc CTUN06A

Ceramic bead tube blue 16x16mm 1pc CTUN06A

€ 0.41


Sales unit: 1 [pcs]
Material: ceramics
Dimensions: 16 x 16 [mm]
Hole dimensions: 10 [mm]
Blue color

In stock

Ceramic tubes, straps overlays, ideal for bracelets and large, massive necklaces. Modular ceramic, porcelain, solid beads, fired at high temperature. Beautiful, saturated colors have been obtained by using the latest types of glaze. Very good quality - they do not chip or crumble. Thanks to multiple firing, they are very resistant to damage.


Zuzanna Koniarska
Mateusz Koniarski

Rzemieślnicza 29
77-300 Człuchów

Bank account (PLN):
45 1160 2202 0000 0001 8232 6723
(Bank Millenium S.A.)

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