Bigle z kulką i sprężynką / antyalergiczne / srebrny 100szt 18x16mm BIG18SS

    Earwires with a ball and a spring / antiallergic / silver 100pcs 18x16mm BIG18SS

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    Sales unit: 100 pcs.
    Dimensions: 18.2 x 16.5 [mm]
    Silver color

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    Earwires with a ball and a spring - classic, the most popular earwires on the market. Made of nickel-free and lead-free material, silver in color. The color matches all pendants of the same color and antique silver. Earwires are easy to put on, do not require fastening, but if there is a fear of losing, especially larger earrings, they can be secured at the back with a silicone plug for studs.