Sznurek bawełniany woskowany 25m (szpula) orzech włoski 1mm PWZWR1030

    Waxed cotton cord 25m (spool) walnut 1mm PWZWR1030

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    Sales unit: 25 m / spool
    Material: waxed cotton
    Dimensions: 1 [mm]
    Brown color

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    Walnut - 1mm thick waxed cotton string, on 25-meter spools. Waxed string is perfect for macrame and bead bracelets, as an accessory for bracelets and a base for necklaces. Today, it is actually one of the basic elements of every handicraft workshop. For weaving, joining, binding and pasting. Easy to work with, durable in use, effective and giving many possibilities of creation: individually, in bunches, simple, woven ...