Gumka do bransoletek w oplocie biała 1.2MM 800m GUM120SZPW

    White braided rubber 1.2MM 800m GUM120SZPW

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    Sales unit: spool: 800 m
    White color
    1.2 [mm]

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    Braided rubber, 1.2mm thick. A full spool is 800 meters of our rubber. A white braided rubber that perfectly protects it against abrasion. Its thickness is suitable for many ceramic, glass or natural beads. However, please pay attention to the size of the holes, especially in beads and other small size beads.

    A braided elastic band, otherwise known as a rubber string, can be sewn into tunnels, it can act as strings and lacing.

    Mask eraser

    This product is suitable as an eraser for masks. It enables a comfortable adjustment of the mask to the face, regardless of the age and size of the wearer. It is pleasant to the touch and therefore does not irritate the skin. Its strength and flexibility will ensure the comfort of speaking with the mask on the face, without risking the mask slipping. It is suitable for sewing disposable and reusable surgical masks. It can be washed.