Przekładki do koralików skrzydła anioła większe antyczne srebro 19x18x3mm 1szt AAT097A

Spacers for angel wings beads larger antique silver 14x15x3mm 1pc AAT097A

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Sales unit: 1 [pcs]
Material: jewelry metal alloy, nickel, lead and cadmium free
Dimensions: 14.9 x 15.3 x 3 [mm]
Hole diameter: 1 [mm]
Color: oxidized silver

Beads - larger metal wings to make an angel. Double-sided, refined. Beads of this type are used in combination with a ball (head) and a bottom bead - here it can be: a glass teardrop, a cap imitating a dress, or even an acrylic flower.

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