Nici jubilerskie SHARK 210D/12 / złoty/ szpula 164m NCSH1211

    Jewelery threads SHARK 210D / 12 / gold / spool 164m NCSH1211

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    Sales unit: spool - 164 meters
    Material: 100% polyester
    Specification: 210D / 12
    Diameter: 0.8 [mm]
    Color: Gold

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    Gold SHARK polyester jewelry threads 210D / 12, on a spool of 164 meters. Jewelery threads must not only have an aesthetic appearance, but above all have tear strength and abrasion resistance. Polyester threads have these features, they are made of three homogeneous polyester fibers, which ensures durability and a beautiful shine. Polyester also has a very high resistance to solar radiation, it does not fade or discolor. An additional advantage in jewelry works is its fusibility, which facilitates finishing and final processing with a lighter.