Ekspozytory do pierścionków 35x25cm szary 1szt EKS01

    Display for rings 35x25cm gray 1 pc EKS01

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    Sales unit: 1 pc.
    Dimensions: 25 x 35 x3.5 [cm]
    Material: velor
    Grey colour
    Shape: rectangle

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    Display for rings 25 x35 cm, 7 rows. Covered in gray velor. Ekpozytory to jewelry, is an important element in the sales process. We know how important it is for hand-made jewelry to have its setting. Very often, the way it is presented is crucial for sales. Rings are a product that is difficult to present. The eyelet should be given an elegant background that will not dominate the ring itself. The purpose of the display is also to protect the jewelery against dirt, dust and easy theft. Jewelry presented in them always looks professional. You can find mixed displays. Some of them combine the possibility of showing rings and pendants or bracelets and earrings. It is good to arrange the displays so that the entire stand or presentation has a consistent appearance. It catches the eye and builds brand value.