Zawieszki puenty dla baletnicy antyczne srebro  22x6x5mm 2szt AAS915

    Pendants for ballerinas antique silver 22x6x5mm 2pcs AAS915

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    Sales unit: 2 pcs.
    Material: alloy of jewelery metals, silver balls
    Dimensions: 22 x 6 x 5 [mm]
    Hole size: 1.2 [mm]
    Color: oxidized silver

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    A ballerina, probably every woman for a moment, dreamed of a beautiful tulle skirt (tutu), punch lines and a breathtaking dance. Some, very few, make this dream come true. Point-shaped pendants will be an interesting element for both of them. You can choose pendants - dresses for ballerinas and create an interesting, dedicated set.