Kwarc tytanowy/ antracytowy/ sople fasetowane/ 22-26mm/ 1szt KAKR60

Titanium quartz / anthracite / faceted icicles / 22-26mm / 1pc KAKR60

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Sales unit: 1 pc.
Material: quartz
Color: anthracite
Dimensions: 20-28 and 5-8 [mm]
Hole size: approx. 1.3 [mm]

Faceted anthracite icicles made of titanated quartz. A rock crystal, on the one hand, a common variety of quartz, on the other hand, a unique charm. Depending on various types of admixtures, it can create colorful varieties such as amethyst, lemon or smoky quartz. He is credited with cleansing properties. Here, faceted icicles, partially raw icicles, a hole drilled at the top. There are no two identical copies, they differ in size, cut and color. We ship randomly.

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