Brokat w arkuszach Sparkling / 25x40cm/ Green Blink/ 1szt  MAGL16

    Glitter sheets Sparkling / 25x40cm / Green Blink / 1pc MAGL16

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    Sales unit: sheet 25 x 40 cm
    Material: glitter on transparent silicone
    Color: green iridescent gold

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    Green Blink sheets with green iridescent gold glitter. Sparkling glitter sheets are a proposition for soutache jewelry and other techniques that use gluing and sewing. silicone sheets covered with a dense gum arabic adhesive have been thoroughly covered with glitter in the form of freckles. The sheets can be cut and adjusted to the needs of the jewelry being created. They can also be used for scrapbooking, creating cards, sewing accessories for clothes or creating Christmas tree baubles.