Koraliki Howlit fioletowy kulki 8mm 48szt /sznur HOFIKU08

Howlit beads purple 8mm beads 48pcs / rope HOFIKU08

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Sales unit: 48 pcs / string / +/- 3 pcs
Violet colour
Material: howlite
Dimensions: 8 mm
Hole size [mm]: 1.1

Beads for jewelry made of Violet Howlite, 8mm beads sold on strings. Perfect for bracelets. Howlite is a mineral from the group of silicates in nature, white in color, it is relatively easy to dye by both annealing and chemical dyeing. Such staining is permanent and does not disturb the properties of the stone. Howlite beads are durable and the colors are intense.

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