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Baza gryzaka/ sowa/ surowe drewno bukowe/ 58x48x10mm 1szt DRGRY08

Teether base / owl / raw beech wood / 58x48x10mm 1pc DRGRY08

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Sales unit: 1 pc.
Material: beech wood
Color: natural, not varnished
Dimensions: 58 x 48 x 10 [mm]
Hole diameter: approx. 25 [mm]

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Teether with an owl made of beech wood, or decorations for a child's room. Wooden elements made of raw, selected beech wood. Made very carefully, without any unevenness, protruding splinters, polished to a smooth, satin surface. Beech wood has the appropriate hardness and porosity for this type of product. The wood is not varnished and is not maintained in any way. Its advantage is that it is not conducive to the multiplication of bacteria, moreover, it can be safely disinfected with boiling water. Just immerse for a while, or pour boiling water and dry. In the case of using them for teethers, painting or preserving is not recommended. The bases are also suitable for decorating elements of a children's room. They can be used as decorations for toy boxes or other decorations.