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Beads Buri seeds / rope 33pcs. / 14mm / DRBU

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Sales unit: cord / 33 pcs.
Material: buri seeds
Color: cream, brown
Dimensions: 14 [mm]
Hole diameter: approx. 1.3 [mm]

Buri beads are an unusual product. To the touch, they resemble a cross between a horn and plastic. They are quite matte, but still reflect light nicely. They are durable and withstand changing thermal conditions and high humidity well. They combine perfectly with other natural materials, such as wood, coral and natural stones, as well as with strings, straps and pendants, especially in the color of antique bronze.

These beads are the seeds of the Buri palm trees, also known as the gebang or the palm thallipot, or the corifa. They grow up to five meters in height and even two and a half meters in diameter of the trunk! They bloom and bear fruit once in their entire life. It is from these one-time-created fruits that seeds are obtained for the amazing buri beads.

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