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Stones and pendants for Capricorn

Capricorns are born at the turn of the year. Dates for Capricorns range from December 22 to January 19. Interestingly, according to the ancient Greeks, the constellation Capricorn represents Pan. His name comes from "panic fear", because he was half man, half goat and when he was born, his mother ran away scared at the sight of him. However, the constellation is half goat, half fish. This is the form the Lord took while escaping from the terrible Typhon. Later, together with Hermes, he saved Zeus, who ultimately won the battle against Typhon. In gratitude for his help, he placed the Lord in the sky.

Zodiacal Capricorns are characterized by discipline and self-control. They are responsible and often seem to know everything. Capricorn people are often quite serious and ambitious, and they also have an above-average work ethic. Capricorns value family and traditions, as well as high-quality work (including craft work).
Jewelry blanks for Capricorn
The colors for practical Capricorns are brown and black. They are an excellent base for jewelry for both women and men. As it is an earth sign, we recommend using natural materials such as wood, straps and natural strings. If you are looking for stones for Capricorns, we recommend black tourmaline, amber and onyx, which fit perfectly into the color scheme proposed for them. And if you want a bit of color in accessories consistent with Capricorn in astrology, reach for garnet, blue agate and ruby blanks.
Capricorn and other signs
Serious and quite strict Capricorns do not get along at all with crazy Gemini and Aries. However, they are very compatible with other earth element zodiacs. These include Virgo and Taurus. Moreover, according to astrologers, they create successful relationships with their zodiac signs, Cancers.

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