thong jewelry

The straps are among the oldest known semi-finished products to the world. They were produced since ancient times, which served to bind sandals, shoes and warmer clothing. Belts were also used as a simple biżuterii- suspended on them stones, shells or small figures, which were supposed to protect the wearer from all evil. Later, when Europe began to spread Christianity with the cross strap worn around the neck as a sign of faith in God. Because of the large mechanical strength, the straps are also commonly used to bind a variety of things and the production of harnesses for horses. P>


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The thong is a perfect material for both beginners and experienced craftsmen. To perform bracelet clasp of the strap just pasted, the adhesive and a suitable length of strap. This bracelet strap, yet simple in execution can easily become a favorite jewelry, because it goes with everything and easy to wear. P>

The bracelets of the strap can also be a more complicated embodiment, combined with metal, embroidered, or extruded. Bracelets with leather straps can be multicolored, braided, and combined with other semi-finished products or make an impression without additives. Depending on your creativity, manual skills, existing tools and the time you want to devote to the performance of their bracelets with leather straps. P>


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Our shop is a place where you will find the strap in many sizes, colors and made of different materials. We strap leather, suede, and leather straps sewn. Leather strap is a timeless semi-finished product, which can be found in a variety of widths and colors. It is suitable for the production of jewelry for both women and men. Suede straps are sold in over 100 beautiful colors. They are extremely pleasant to the touch, so you can discover a new pleasure from wearing jewelry. Straps sewn, this novelty in the world of crafts. Lining material makes the strap may be of any color, texture and appearance. P>

Browsing our store, you can discover the straps in a completely new scenes that have not come into your mind. Let yourself be inspired and create jewelry that will delight you and your customers! P>