Bazy na kaboszon 16mm łączniki antyczne srebro 25x19x2mm 4szt OKWI16AS6

16mm cabochon bases connectors antique silver 25x19x2mm 4pcs OKWI16AS6

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Sales unit: 4 pcs.
Material: antiallergic metal
Dimensions: 25 x 19 x 2 [mm]
Hole diameter: 16 [mm]
Color: antique silver

16mm cabochon mounts in the crossover version. In this size, connectors are still suitable for bracelets (about 6 pieces), they look very nice as single connectors for strings 1 or 1.5mm. We also really like the version of the necklace made of several connected couplings filled with different but corresponding graphics.

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