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Jewelry clasps

Jewelry fasteners are also a design element

Clasp for bracelets or necklaces is an often underestimated aspect of jewelry making. It seems that the fasteners have only a practical application and not a decorative aspect. However, we believe that jewelry fasteners are an integral part of the design and can contribute a lot to it. A properly fitted clasp can make the jewelry more attractive or make it look bad.

Classic jewelry clasps

The carabiner is the most popular type of jewelry clasp that fits all strings of beads, whether they are made of gemstones or acrylic. It is very versatile, comes in many sizes and colors, which makes most beginner craftsmen eagerly reach for it.

Federing is a slightly modified clasp for a carabiner bracelet. Federing are fasteners in which the movable element is hidden in the tube when the fastener is opened. These jewelry fasteners guarantee the safety of the fastener and are perfect for jewelry composed of small elements that could slide out of carabiners. They usually have a built-in ring, so fewer assembly rings are used when using this type, and additionally they are an elegant finish of the jewelry.

Ball chain fasteners are the easiest-to-use bean-shaped fasteners. It is enough to slightly open them with a tool and attach the balls from the chain to them. On our website you will find fasteners suitable for all ball chains we offer.

Modern clasps for jewelry

Two-piece clasps , or boy-girl clasps, or toggle clasps, are a clasp for bracelets that works well in necklaces made of large beads of precious stones. We offer them plain or decorated. This type of clasp is a perfect example of the fact that a jewelery clasp can also be a decorative element.

Glued fasteners are a type of fasteners dedicated to jewelry made of thick strings or thongs. These are usually two-piece fasteners, and when used with good glue - extremely durable. In our offer you will find delicate clasps for pasting as well as more massive ones, which are suitable for creating men's jewelry. Among the glued fasteners you will find magnetic fasteners. These are clasps for a bracelet or necklace, which are smooth, very easy to use and extremely aesthetic.

The last type is multi-row fasteners , which are a relatively new trend. They are used to create necklaces made of several chains, which therefore nicely spread over the neckline and do not get tangled. Multi-row fasteners can be used to fasten up to 6 chains in one necklace!

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