Paper bags

Paper bags for jewelery

Paper history

According to Chinese chronicles, it was invented in China as early as 105 AD! One clerk experimented with materials such as tree bark, silk, and even fishing nets until he found the right method. Using linen and silk rags, he invented a method of making handmade paper. In recognition, he was appointed Minister of Agriculture. Archaeological research shows, however, that the paper was known already in the 8th year of our era. For over 600 years, paper was used almost exclusively in China, later it was distributed in Arab countries. The Arabs produced paper from starch, and this version reached Europe. Later, a printing press was created there, and then printing. Thus, paper became one of the most popular raw materials on Earth.

Paper in ecological packaging

Currently, paper is also used less frequently due to the development of digital technology, but also more often for environmental reasons. Paper packaging is an ecological version of goods distribution. The simple design of paper packaging has become globally fashionable. Taking care of our planet has become not only a sense of duty, but also a trend. Consumers more and more often pay attention not only to the product, but also to the way it is packaged. Our paper bags allow you to personalize your packaging in a simple and cheap way. All you need to do is stick a sticker with the company's logo or slogan. If you go with the eco trend, you can also choose to stamp your paper packaging. Ecological packaging for jewelry is not only an ecological trend and choice.

Paper bags on offer from

Our ecological packaging is made of a neutral color of paper. They are durable, not tear easily. They perfectly protect jewelry against mechanical damage. They are suitable for packing jewelery, wooden elements, fabrics and even food products. They are available in two universal sizes for your convenience. They are recyclable as well as compostable.