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Bronzite is a material that may be underestimated. It is a decorative stone that is mainly used in various fields of science as a collector's and decorative material. It seems to be a common and not very interesting material, in our opinion it has something in it and additionally it is something that is hard to find in popular jewelry.

The name of this mineral obviously comes from its color. Bronzite browns range from autumn red, through hazelnut, to shades of dark chocolate. It is a relatively hard mineral, usually 5 or 6 on the Mohs scale. Its interesting property is a semi-metallic, glassy sheen.

Esoteric properties of bronzite

Bronzites are stones with a raw appearance that attract male energy. Wearing bronzite ornaments is supposed to neutralize bad wishes, especially when combined with black tourmaline. It has a cleansing effect, facilitates coping with conflicts and aggression. Bronzite increases courage and self-confidence, thanks to which the person who wears it stays faithful to himself more easily. It helps us to come to terms with situations we do not control and to stick to our own rules of good and dignified conduct.

Bronzytes are also attributed a pro-health effect. They are said to have a particularly positive effect on the treatment of respiratory diseases. They are to facilitate the purification of the lungs of harmful dust contained in exhaust gases and smog. In addition, it is supposed to relieve tension and spasms, which is why it is recommended for people suffering from sciatica. It has a rejuvenating effect and delays aging. Additionally, bronzite is supposed to protect the soul from pain and depression. When worn over the chest, it acts as a defensive shield that reflects negative thoughts.

Use of bronzite

The variety of shades and tones of bronzite makes it a perfect material for combining with both gold and silver elements. This brown stone is a material that is suitable for making jewelry for men and women. In combination with neon colors, it will look very modern, combined with simple spacers, it will create timeless jewelry. Create your extraordinary bronzite collection today!

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