The name of this mineral comes from the Greek words "pyr" and "pyrites", they mean respectively "fire" and "sparkling". The name arises from the fact that pyrite struck flint creates sparks. P>

In alternative medicine it is believed that supports immunity, potency and fertility. It is believed that relieves anxiety and effectively affects the nervous system. Particularly assisted by people who suffer from diabetes, and excessive hepatic cholesterol. P>

In the esoteric is called a stone's independence and support is especially artists of all kinds. It combines masculine and feminine, which helps to balance the Yin and Yang in the wearer pyrite. It is a great gift for students, because pyrite increases concentration, improves memory and facilitates analytical thinking. P>

History fools gold h3>

Specify as pyrite fools gold is known to most of us, it is less common to call it a cat with gold. Pyrite sometimes they found in the form of so-called. or pyrite suns dollars. This radial mineral clusters found exclusively in the US. In ancient times the Indians used these "dollars" as a semi-commercial currency exchanges. The ancient Greeks used pyrite to produce amulets dissuasive powers of evil. Americans, in turn, polished large patches of pyrite and used them as the mirrors. P>

Piryt- necessarily for sensitive h3>

Pyrite creates incredibly regular cubes, octahedron, dodecahedron and even! It is found in most types of rocks and also hard coal. The indicator has a Mohs 6-6.5. This mineral is rapidly airing. Under the influence of oxygen and moisture its surface becomes dull or rust. P>

Those with sensitive skin should pay particular attention to the jewelry pyrites. In contact with the slightly acidic pH of the skin pyrite can extract small amounts of sulfur and iron, which irritate the skin, or can cause allergic reactions. P>

pyrites due to its raw nature and tendency to tarnish are the perfect accessory for those who are not fans of the classic trinkets. In addition, they provide a good piece of jewelry male. P>