8mm glass beads


Glass beads, at first glance, are inconspicuous and quite common, however, they are unique semi-finished products that will allow you to prepare extraordinary jewelry. Glass balls are elements that we have been using for years and it was they who initiated the fashion for hand-made jewelry. What kind of jewelry do we use them for today, are they easily available and what should you pay attention to when buying them? Check and learn how to make jewelry decorated with these unique glass balls.

Glass bracelet beads

Glass bracelet beads are almost a must-have in the collections of every lover of handmade jewelry. They are universal semi-finished products that we can use, arrange and configure in countless situations. What's more, glass balls for bracelets often allow us to create something out of nothing or indicate the direction of decorating when we are currently out of style.

Glass bracelet beads look best in slightly more massive designs and bracelets. What's more, we can successfully use them in the production of necklaces and, more and more, earrings. 8mm glass beads are extremely small, so when properly arranged, they will allow us to produce timeless jewelry that will match both evening and everyday outfits.

Beaded bracelets - surprising designs and glass balls

Most of the bead bracelets we make by hand are made of glass beads. 8 mm glass beads allow you to create small jewelry that is refined in every detail. Such jewelry looks extremely elegant and can gain in value. The 8 mm size is the most popular size among beads for bracelets, it is suitable for slim and plump wrists, it goes well in sets and alone. Sets made with sewn straps also look good with this size.