The name of this mineral has a very interesting history. It is believed that it comes from made of jade amulets worn by the Spanish conquistadors. They thought that this would be an effective protection against kidney ailments. They called it "piedra de Iyad," which means stone spine. P>

Most of the jade should bring good fortune at both the spiritual and financial. Green jade is called "a stone dream" by people involved in the esoteric. They believe that holding the stone under your pillow, you can get full of dreams hints about the life of a person. The blue variety of the mineral was called "philosopher's stone", whose energy helps suppress excessive anger in yourself and look at the world a calmer look. P>

Stone of great value for the Ancients h3>

The largest supplier of jade is Myanmar. Antiquities supplies from China in translucent jade imperial, deep emerald color. It produced small figures to protect the house or worn jade crumbs in his pocket, to protect themselves from all miseries. P>

But the history of this mineral in China dates back to the Neolithic period (c. 3000 years BC). Already at that time they produced ritual objects and protect the dead. One of the most impressive items are the stone armor, which buried some of the rulers of China. The preparation of such armor often took half a century, a problem was the selection of the stones in the relevant colors. P>

Not only the Chinese valued this green mineral. In Guatemala they found ancient jade axes and pits operated by the Maya. In New Zealand, the stone is called by Maoris "pounamu". In his search they conducted expeditions in remote and inaccessible parts of the South Island. Pounamu Maoris substitute for metal, mineral valued edge sharpness and hardness. P>

Jade, a diamond throne pretender h3>

jade hardness on the Mohs scale was estimated at 6.5-7. An interesting use of jade is its scientific importance. It is used to assess the conditions and the nature of the transformations of rocks. It is highly prized specimens kamieniem- most expensive can cost up to 20,000 US dollars per carat! Thin specimens almost transparent white jade can offset the price of diamonds. P>

Already centuries wearing jade, not only brought happiness, but also accounted for social status of the owner. Today, instead wear jade daggers tend rather to beautiful bracelets, and naszyjnikom wisiorkom. P>