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Labradorite is one of our favorite minerals. No wonder, right? We are sure that many of you love this beautiful stone with an amazing inner glow. Labradorite is a hard and cleavable mineral, which makes it a fantastic material for jewelery purposes. Already in antiquity, it was used to make ornaments.

Labradorite - Temple of the Stars

The unusual appearance of Labradorite gave it an equally beautiful name because it is called the Temple of the Stars. The name Labradorite, in turn, comes from the place where it was first described - the Labrador Peninsula in Canada. Labradorite is feldspar, meaning it belongs to the same group of minerals as sunstone and moonstone. It is characterized by inclusions of other minerals, including mangnetite, hematite, zircon and olivine. In order for Labradorite to retain its gloss and beautiful appearance, wash it with lukewarm water and expose it to sunlight.

Labradorite and its amazing glow

A mixture of two minerals - anortite and albite - gives it a color that cannot be found anywhere else. Labradorite is a gray stone with a metallic tinge as if "trapped" inside the stone. Depending on the type of stone, the internal reflections can be blue, green and yellow, sometimes even orange and purple. The color of the stone is often called its fire, e.g. labradorite with green fire. Labradorite exhibits pleochroism, or multicolor. This means that the color of the light changes with the angle of incidence of light, this phenomenon is also called labradorization. There is an Eskimo legend that says that the Northern Lights were once trapped inside a Labradorite deposit. The Eskimo warrior would throw his spear at the rock to release the aurora back to the sky. However, he did not manage to release it completely and a few lights remained inside so we can still admire these unusual stones.

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