Amethyst is a violet colored mineral that most of us associate very well. This stone is a variety of quartz dairy. The name amethyst comes from the Greek and means "sober". According to the Greek superstition drinking wine with amethyst secured the cup before drinking drunkenness. P>

Properties amethyst h3>

amethyst violet color is due to its radioactive radiation and the presence of iron. Mineral heated to 250 degrees Celsius becomes colorless. When raise its temperature above 500 ° C (not to exceed 600 ° C) will take on a yellowish tint. Yellow amethysts are called lemons. Amethyst formed mainly of crystals of the bar section. The most common is in the form of brushes in the crystalline rock cavities (druses, geodach). Characteristic of amethyst is also called wstęgowaniem streak. Streak placement of the mineral layers of different intensity of color. P>

Occurrence amethyst h3>

Amethyst are found most often in próżniach pogazowych basalt rock, the so-called geodach. Amethyst geodes can reach sizes of more than a cubic meter. The main locations of amethysts is Brazil, Uruguay, Iran, the US, Russia, Germany, Sri Lanka and Madagascar. In Poland, they are found in the area of ​​Szklarska Poreba, Lwowek Slaski, Stone Mountain and Krzeszowice. P>

Production of amethyst h3>

Jewelery with amethyst arose in the Middle Ages. As an amulet had to bring good luck in all spheres of life. Ametyście mention can be found in the Bible. His time was highly regarded by church dignitaries who wore amethyst rings and crosses decorated with amethysts. For centuries, also he is known in Poland, often hosted rulers in jewels. P>