Amazonite is a rare mineral from the group of silicates and although its name is rightly associated with the Amazon, this mineral does not occur in these areas. The beautiful blue and green shades of the stone have delighted for centuries. The ancients considered it a stone of youth - it supposedly improved skin firmness and condition.

It is also credited with driving away sorrow and facilitating creative activity. It is recommended for writers, painters, musicians, and other artists.

Amazonite occurs in the USA, India, Russia, Brazil, Madagascar, Italy, Norway and Poland (in the Karkonosze Mountains, in Lower Silesia)

Amazonite has long been a valued decorative and jewelery material, as evidenced by finds in the tombs of pharaohs and other ancient excavations. Caskets, amulets, melee weapon ornaments and even table tops made of amazonite delight with their colors to this day.

Depending on the deposit, amazonites have different color saturation, transparency and color.