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Sparkling - glitter jewelry items

Nowadays, more and more people like to get attention in different ways. We express ourselves through the color of the hair, clothes and jewelry we wear. Glossy jewelry is most often associated with New Year's Eve or carnival parties, or with very elegant outings. However, less and less often we wear something only for special occasions and more and more eagerly emphasize our everyday style with bold accessories.

The Sparkling collection includes glitter findings, from which you can create eye-catching jewelry for any occasion. Here you will find glitter thongs, shiny cabochons and shiny glitter fabrics.

What was glitter originally?

Glitter as a fabric appeared long before the powdery glitter we know today. It was a thick fabric with a raised pattern embroidered with silver, gold and silk threads. It was already used in the 8th century, and wearing and even having such fabrics testified to the exceptional wealth and prestigious position.

The fashion for glitter moved from Byzantium to France, where it lasted until the 17th century. As the French court changed its tastes, less and less brocade began to be used across Europe. It was not until the 19th century that the trends of wearing shiny, metallic clothes returned, and with them the powdery microfiber glitter we know today was created. Metallic and shiny accessories have been enriched with glitter, which can safely paint the skin, eyelids and even eat it.

How to use glitter blanks?

As you know, glitter is shiny, metallic and colorful particles that reflect light phenomenally. These are elements that are classically used in creating winter collections, which we eagerly choose as additions to New Year's Eve and carnival outfits. Glitter accessories are also popular in clubs and discos, where the jewelry looks wonderful when the club light shines on it. Trends on unicorns, holographic materials also popularized the use of glitter and shiny blanks. In addition, shiny blanks are often fragments of children's disguises, especially for girls who dream of dressing up as a princess or a fairy.

Glitter jewelery findings do not necessarily make flashy jewelry. Products from the Sparkling collection perfectly harmonize with subdued jewelry, creating a small accent of color and shine. They can add new character to classic combinations, thanks to which you will refresh your jewelry collection.

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