What is a paracord string?

Paracord is a semi-finished product for special tasks. It was used as a parachute line, as a survival string (used in the military), even sailors and astronauts use it! Its multi-functionality lies in the fact that in a struggle for survival, you can untie the surrounding colored casing and use the fibers inside as a string for repair and for making tools, or as a fishing line. It is made by tightly weaving nylon fibers that form the core of the string. The inside of the string is covered with a nylon sheath, which is easy to dye any color.

Parachute rope in fashion

The parachute rope began to be used for jewelry relatively recently. In the survival environment, it began to be braided in such a way as to "fit" many meters of string in a comfortable and aesthetic bracelet, which can be useful in many situations. However, it quickly became widely appreciated men's jewelry. Paracord bracelets are now used every day, they fit perfectly into the atmosphere of the nautical style and even streetwear. They are worn by both men and women. Often, the strings are combined with large metal or wooden spacers and connectors that add extra character.

Paracord at

In our offer you will find a survival cord in many different colors. In addition to single-colored strings, we also offer multi-colored strings. The nylon twine cover has an intense color that does not wash out and does not lose its saturation. Survival string is durable, flexible and fusible, thanks to which you can easily and aesthetically finish your bracelet or necklace. They combine perfectly with large elements such as carabiners, key rings, buckles and shackles . Thanks to a variety of colors, it is easy to create durable and multifunctional jewelry for both men and women. Easily braid and create permanent knots. Please note that the string we present is suitable for making jewelry, it is NOT a rope that can be used in climbing, parachuting or for hanging hammocks.