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paracord is blank for special tasks. Was used as a parachute cord, a cord survival (used in the Army), use it even sailors and astronauts! Its versatility lies in the fact that, in the struggle for survival, you can solve the surrounding colored sheath and used in the inside of the fibers as a string to repair and to create the tools, or as a rope fishing. It is formed by the interweaving tight nylon fibers which form the core of the cord. Interior cord cover nylon shell that is easily dyed to any color. Span> p>

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Link parachute It began to be used for jewelry relatively recently. In an environment surwiwalowym began to braid it so that a comfortable and aesthetic bracelet "fit" many meters of string, which can be useful in many situations. However, it quickly became a widely appreciated masculine jewelry. Paracord bracelets are now used every day, perfectly fit into the atmosphere of a sailor style, and even streetwear. They are worn by both men and women. Often strings are assembled from large metal or wooden spacers and linkers that add additional character. Span> p>

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In our surwiwalowy offer you will find a string in many different colors. In addition, we offer single-color strings of multicolored strings. Nylon casing string has an intense color that never washes out and does not lose saturation. Twine survival is strong, flexible and melt, making it easy and aesthetically complete your bracelet or necklace. Combine well with large components, such as rifles key rings, buckles, and shackles . With different colors can easily create robust and multi-functional jewelry for both men and women. It is easy to braid and create persistent nodes. Please note that we presented a cord suitable for jewelry making, is NOT a cable that can be used in rock climbing, skydiving, or for hanging hammocks. Span> p>

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