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Katsuki beads

Katsuki beads

Where did they come from?

Katsuki beads are a novelty on the Polish market. Katsuki are beads of Japanese origin made of polymer clay. They perfectly match the avant-garde and candy Harajuku style. Quite quickly, they became popular outside of Japan and conquered Western social media. They are often arranged in candy-like jewelry, which makes it easy to take extremely charming photos of them, which are very popular in today's world.

What are Katsuki beads?

These are beads in the shape of tiny lozenges. They resemble miniature dragees from candy watches that everyone remembers from childhood, or slightly thicker sequins. They are made of a delicate polymer resembling modeling clay. However, they differ significantly from modeling clay with their surface, because Katsuki beads are ridiculously nice to the touch. As a result, jewelry made of them is not only beautiful, but also very pleasant to the skin.

We offer Katsuki beads in all colors of the rainbow. On our website you will find them both in the form of color mixes and single colors. We also sell beads of different color saturation. Here you will find vivid, joyful colors as well as pastel, more subtle suggestions.

How to use Katsuki beads?

Due to the wide range of these beads, they are used in various styles of jewelry. You can draw inspiration from both the Japanese Harajuku and the boho style. They perfectly harmonize with all colors of metals, shells and glass beads. Their versatility makes them great for creating jewelry for all age groups, from children to the elderly.

In addition, Katsuki beads perfectly combine with strings as well as a steel cord or a jewelry elastic. It is a kind of blank, friendly for beginners as well as for advanced craftsmen. They combine well with pendants and spacers, thanks to which their possibilities are almost endless!

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