Macrame cords

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Material from which we make jewelry is always its base. A good craftsman cares about the quality of the product, therefore, reaches the best blanks. We present macramé cords that allow you to create memorable works. They are suitable for the manufacture of jewelry, home decorations and everything you want. Span> p>

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Macrium it known since ancient times art. It uses only the manual skills of the artist, without resorting to needles, knitting needles or crochet. Macramé were brought to Europe from ancient Assyria and Babylonia, and has been for a long time. In the Middle Ages it is often used as a decoration robes wealthiest and most prominent. Later, they began decorating in this way to cover sofas, chairs and cradles. Along with the Middle Ages passed macramé fashion. It was forgotten until the 70s. Currently, each technique of making ornaments will find its fans, as macramé. Presents itself that will not soon leave forgotten. Span> p>

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Macrium initially It has not been our jewel. However, with the global development of creativity began to combine and use techniques contrary to their original purpose. Macramé is the ideal companion for all kinds of stones, jewelry or technique performed sutaszu. Macrame cords allow any element in the weave, thanks to create amazing projects! Macramé is also an excellent idea to start for people who do not want to build a shop and buy a number of tools and products. The technique is almost designed for people looking for their place in the world to create beautiful things. Span> p>

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Strings for macramé, that we present, are soft and pleasant to the touch, yet durable. Check the creation of small projects such as jewelry, but also the larger such as decorations on the wall. A wide range of colors will allow you to meet the wildest fantasy. What's more, the high quality of our products make, create macros that will be even more fun! Span> p>