The weeds in the fitting

Fangs in the fitting are a product with many faces and benefits. First of all, the metal ending is easier to install. Moreover, the ferrule provides an additional decorative element that can give your jewelry extra character. Weaves in simple fittings have a more severe appearance. Thanks to this, they are perfect for accessories for men or as accessories for handbags and wallets. Decorated fittings give an almost oriental influence in jewelry. The tassel fitting is also an element that secures the tassel against unraveling and pilling.

Viscose tassels in the ferrule

Among our tassels in fittings, you will surely find the perfect one for you. Most of them are made of viscose, a synthetic fiber made of wood cellulose. This material is classified as both natural and artificial materials, due to its plant origin, but also due to the complicated production process. It is a biodegradable material, so remember to store it in dry conditions. Viscose tassels are fusible, perfectly retain their intense color, do not stain or discolor. Their important advantage is also the long-term maintenance of a smooth, elegant appearance.

Suede tassels in the ferrule

Another material used to create weeds in the ferrule is suede. A much smaller amount of suede threads is needed to make a tassel than in the case of viscose. This makes the suede tassels not that fluffy, however, the softness of the suede makes them delicate. You will find suede weeds in our offer in many sizes and shapes, both for tassels and fittings.

Fittings for tassels

The fittings for our tassels are made of a non-allergenic metal alloy. You will find them in gold, silver and antique bronze. They make it easier to attach the tassel to the rest of your jewelry. Moreover, they are a decorative element and prevent the material from losing its integrity. Our fittings are abrasion resistant, do not rust and do not tarnish.