Desert sand and Cairo Night

Desert sand and Cairo Night

Decorative stones have been used for hundreds of thousands of years. They helped us to explore the secrets of our ancestors and their cultures, and some historical figures owe them their lives. Today, the choice of decorative stones is amazing. Among them we can find precious stones, decorative natural stones and their counterfeits as well as man-made stones. Both the Desert Sand and the Night of Cairo are artificial stones, what is important, they are not imitations of natural stones. They have been designed and created from scratch to enjoy us with their unique beauty. There is nothing wrong with admitting that they are made by human hands. Thanks to this, they are fairer, each bead and cabochon from the Sand of the Desert or the Night of Cairo shimmers with an amazing glow. The colors of the stones are more evenly distributed, which makes it easier to create a coherent set of jewelry.

Desert sand - the stone of a thousand suns

Desert sand is an extremely popular decorative material. It is not entirely known whether it was built in 12th century Persia, medieval China or 17th century Italy. Today, Desert Sand is successfully produced and sold all over the world. It is made by adding copper oxide to the liquid glass mass. When it cools down, copper crystals precipitate, which give the beautiful color and brilliance for which Desert Sand is famous. By controlling the production processes, we can produce more or less sparkling raw materials to match the material to the customer's needs.

Desert Sand Cabochons are perfect for soutache and other jewelry techniques. Desert Sand beads, on the other hand, go well with other materials such as jewelry wire, strings, spacers and wood. In addition to performing well in compositions of mixed materials, Desert Sand itself creates stunning jewelry.

Cairo night - the glow of the stars at your fingertips

Cairo Night is a truly unusual semi-finished product. Its deep color and sparkling particles make you think of a starry sky above desert dunes. The color of Cairo Night is obtained by adding chrome and cobalt to the glass base. Sparkling particles are often iron filings. Like Desert Sand, Cairo Night looks lovely in soutache compositions and blends perfectly with other blanks.

Desert sand and Cairo Night on offer from

In our assortment you will find a wide range of shapes and sizes of beads and cabochons made of Desert Sand and Cairo Night. They are durable and scratch-resistant semi-finished products. They can be used in the simplest and the most difficult jewelry techniques. The desert sand and Cairo Night in our offer are extremely shimmering and shimmering, thanks to which your jewelry will easily attract attention.