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Brooch bases

Brooches are ornaments known for centuries. In ancient Greece and Rome, they were used to fasten garments, and their appearance was similar to today's safety pins. It was a very popular gift idea, as evidenced by the inscriptions placed on them. They were most often made of bronze or iron, less often of precious metals, set with precious stones or embedded with enamel. Brooches did not lose their popularity in the Middle Ages, where they were still eagerly used by both men and women. With the invention and popularization of buttons and later zippers, brooches lost their position as an indispensable garment. In the nineteenth century, they began to be used as more decorative than functional elements, as evidenced by the number of cameo brooches from that period.

Today, brooches are worn almost exclusively by women. We would like to present to you our brooch selection, in various shapes, colors and sizes. Safety pin brooch is a modern tribute to the original form of this accessory. In addition to its decorative function, it is truly functional, it can be used to fasten a wool cardigan or a shawl. We offer the base of safety pins brooches as a safety pin with eyelets or a safety pin with an attached base for a cabochon.

A slightly less classic form is the base for a plate-shaped brooch or a decorated cabochon binding. Such a modernized brooch base may not only be an addition to clothes, but also backpacks or handbags. Another hybrid proposal is the brooch-pin base, the attachment of which is unconventionally multifunctional. This base has a cup with a recess, which allows the sticking of a decorative element and makes these bases ideal for the soutache technique.

Our offer also includes a variety of brooch fasteners. It is a semi-finished product that allows you to let your imagination run wild and turn almost everything into a brooch; A lego block, a pompom or a sewn-on teddy bear can become a brooch. The brooch clasp can be found in a curved or longitudinal form, made of a hypoallergenic metal alloy that does not contain cadmium, nickel or lead. Of course, the sale includes a classic brooch clasp made of silver-plated copper and plastic. This base can be joined with wire, glue and even embroidered, making it easy to create unique jewelry.

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