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Spinels are beautiful minerals used in jewelry. When you think of spinels, red stones usually come to mind. Probably because we have mistaken them for rubies for thousands of years. Red is not the only color you'll find this mineral, although it is by far the most popular. Spinels can be yellow, pink, purple, blue, green and black. Interestingly, the most expensive and the rarest are colorless, completely transparent spinels

Their name comes from the Latin word spina, meaning an arrow. This refers to the sharp crystals that spinels form in nature. Spinel can be completely banner or completely opaque. The more transparent a stone is, the higher its price is.

Properties of spinels

Spinel is a very durable mineral, on the Mohs scale it reaches as much as 8. Thanks to its high hardness, spinels can be found not only in jewelry, but also as elements of watch movements, bearings, and in the production of abrasive materials. However, they are by far the best for jewelry.

These stones can have a matte or glossy sheen. Those that we use in the production of jewelry are usually polished, so they shine beautifully. It is not uncommon to find small impurities in spinels, cracks inside the stone structure, or air bubbles. However, this is not a cause for concern, and evidence that minerals are natural. Synthetic spinels are usually suspiciously perfect.

Spinel products in our offer

You can associate spinels with gems cut like rubies in exclusive jewelry. However, these minerals are great for more down-to-earth and more affordable projects. In our offer you will find various sizes of spinel beads in many colors. We sell them on strings, which makes them easy to store not only in bags, but also hanging.

Spinel as a material for creating jewelry is perfect. Suitable for making jewelry for men and women. What's more, it is a great proposition for active people, because it is resistant to impact and external factors. They combine wonderfully with blanks made of surgical steel of any color, other decorative stones, but also look great in their own company.

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