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Stainless steel earwires and studs

Stainless steel earwires and studs

Surgical steel is one of the most desirable types of metal. It is a great gift idea for a person we don't know well. It eliminates the risk of allergy, making it the first piece of jewelry for young people. Earwires and pins made of surgical steel are an excellent jewelry findings. The skin of the ear is especially delicate and susceptible to allergens. Many people feel the effects of wearing jewelry made of less precious materials on their ears. So, regardless of whether you are making jewelry to sell or donate it is worth having a few non-allergenic earwires and studs to be able to offer earrings made of stainless steel.

What will you find in this category?

We know very well that our clients like to have clearly defined content for each category. This makes it easier to shop in our store, and after all, we want pleasant shopping. So we bluntly present what jewelry findings are hidden in this corner of the store.

Earwires made of surgical steel

Such earwires are an indispensable element of hypoallergenic drop earrings. So we present several types and sizes of these bases. Here you will find earwires and several different English-style earwires. Of course, earwires made of surgical steel with a classic, simple design could not be missing.

Stainless steel studs

Our stainless steel studs quickly won the hearts of our clients. You will find classic ball studs with an eyelet, small and larger studs for sticking in, or studs with a hole. However, the most popular are decorative studs to which you can attach a pendant or a tassel. However, their light, fragile look great even without any accessories!

What's more, our studs made of stainless steel are available in three colors! We offer you these jewelry findings in a classic silver color, but also gold-plated with yellow or even pink gold!

Stainless steel clips

Stainless steel clips are a great alternative for people with untreated ears. Some people are worried about having their ears pierced because of the possibility of allergies or poor wound healing. Some people are not sure if earrings are an accessory for them. Stainless steel clips are a great opportunity to see yourself in earrings without having to pierce holes. And if you fall in love with wearing clips, the next step might be to make yourself stainless steel earrings!

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