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Luster Glass

Luster Glass

This category includes glass findings for jewelry with a beautiful finish. They are characterized by a shiny interior or a lustering one, and sometimes iridescent surface, which makes them truly unique. Luster glass is a type of glass produced using the lampwork technique. Most often, lampwork beads are associated with a lot of colors and insets that are not found in beads from the Luster series.

Luster Glass products in our shop

Luster glass is most often available in light, pastel colors or in a colorless, iridescent version. The iridescent optical phenomenon you read about is called the AB effect. It resembles the shimmer of opals or the rainbow effects of spilled gasoline. The glass is covered with an extremely fine metallic powder surface, which allows for a beautiful AB effect. What's more, the surface of the beads is durable, so you don't have to worry about the iridescence disappearing.


Some findings of the Luster series are not iridescent, but this does not mean that they are not equally beautiful. Part of the products in this category are filled with gold or silver glitter. Thanks to it, their colors are fascinating, and the jewelry made of them looks amazing in full sun.

How to use Luster Glass

You will find numerous shapes of these products, including moon, star, butterflies and teardrops in our stock. The semi finished products we sell from this collection are perfect as pendants and beads. They can easily transform a simple chain into an elegant necklace. This is a great proposition for fans of minimalism looking for a bit of color and shine.


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