Its name comes from the name of Henry Howa, a Canadian scientist who first described and defined chemical composition of the mineral. As the stone is quite soft, light and porowaty- Mohs 3-3.5 units granted to him. P>

esoteric gave him the ability to beneficially influence on memory and powers of observation and the patient. What unique, some believe that howlity open the gates to other dimensions and allow to reach their previous incarnations. In this stone unconventional medicine is used to relieve physical pain. Apparently it enhances the immune system and the metabolism. P>

Howlit in the interests of human h3>

Howlit unfortunately is not unusual and exciting story such as diamonds. Of course, it has long been used as a decorative stone and jewelry. Since I discovered how easy it is to its dyeing, this mineral has become very popular among the less affluent who wanted to decorate the beautiful jewelry, but they could not afford the expensive jewels. P>

Interestingly, many deposits howlitów forms shocked size of the stone. Its weight can reach up to several hundred kilograms. Particularly large specimens are a treat for collectors. Howlity rarest are transparent, there are only two places in North America. An additional difficulty in the extraction make their size - can not exceed a centimeter in diameter. P>

Howlit - chameleon of gemstones h3>

Stone frequently manifests as irregular, spherical forms, which may resemble cauliflower. His natural form can evoke the marble. Howlit is interspersed with white and dark veins, spider-like network. The porous structure of mineral makes it an ideal absorbent pigments. Thanks howlitom can give almost any color. Colored red like coral, the dark blue of lapis lazuli. Thanks to the presence of the abovementioned strands, howlite dyed cyan, it can be difficult to distinguish from precious turquoise. Such fake turquoise turkmenitami call, they are extremely popular because of the attractive price and likeness to the original. P>

These stones well lend themselves to machining, so it is easy to find beautiful strings of beads in many shapes. In our shop you will find pills, balls, rollers, cabochons and many other forms of the mineral. This allows you to create a spectacular, colorful jewelry at an affordable price! P>