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Its name comes from Henry Howa, the Canadian scientist who first described and defined the chemical composition of this mineral. For a stone it is quite soft, light and porous - on the Mohs scale it was awarded with 3-3.5 units.

In esoterics, he is accorded the ability to favorably influence memory, as well as the ability to observe and patience. Unique, some believe that howlites open the gates to other dimensions and allow you to reach your past lives. In alternative medicine, this stone is used to relieve physical pain. Apparently, it strengthens the immune system and metabolism.

Howlite in human interests

Howlite, unfortunately, does not have an unusual and exciting history like diamonds, for example. Of course, it has long been used as a decorative and jewelery stone. Since it was discovered how easy it is to dye it, this mineral has become very popular with the less wealthy who wanted to decorate themselves with beautiful jewelry, but could not afford expensive jewels.

Interestingly, many howlite deposits shocked with the size of the forms of this stone. Its weight can even reach several hundred kilograms. Especially large specimens are a treat for collectors. The rarest are howlites are transparent, they can be found only in two places in North America. Their size makes it difficult to extract them - they do not exceed a centimeter in diameter.

Howlite - a chameleon among decorative stones

The stone most often appears as irregular, spherical forms that may resemble cauliflower. Its natural form may be reminiscent of marble. Howlite is white and separated by dark veins resembling a spider's web. The porous structure of the mineral makes it an ideal pigment absorbent. Thanks to this, howlites can be given practically any color. Colored in red, it resembles coral, while in dark blue it resembles lapis lazuli. Due to the presence of the above-mentioned veins, the dyed turquoise howlite can be difficult to distinguish from the noble turquoise. We call such counterfeit turquoises turquoise, they are extremely popular due to their attractive price and resemblance to the original.

These stones are well machinable, making it easy to find beautiful strings of beads in many shapes. In our store you will find lozenges, balls, rollers, cabochons and many other forms of this mineral. Thanks to this, you can create effective, colorful jewelry at an affordable price!

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