Koraliki kostki porcelanowe 10mm białe 2szt CKO10K08DA

    Porcelain cube beads 10mm white 2pcs CKO10K08DA

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    Sales unit: 2 pcs.
    White color
    Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 10 +/- 1 [mm]
    Hole size: approx. 3.6 [mm]

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    Beads, porcelain cubes - 10mm glossy white. Beads - there is no jewelry without them. We love ceramic beads for their natural origin, hand-made, great durability, beautiful colors and versatility. Our ceramic beads have a large admixture of porcelain, which also increases the firing temperature. This significantly improves the nobility and quality of the beads and greatly affects their durability.