Kryształowe łączniki w okuciu jasny ametyst 1szt platynowane 7x12mm ZG254

    Crystal connectors in the ferrule clear amethyst 1 pc platinum 7x12mm ZG254

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    Sales unit: 1 [pcs]
    Material: platinum, matt copper binding, crystal glass
    Dimensions: 7 x 12 x 4 [mm]
    Hole diameter: 1 [mm]
    Color: purple, silver

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    Small, light amethyst crystals in a delicate, platinum, matte setting. Two-sided faceted crystals reflect light beautifully. Connectors ideal for composing earrings have eyes directed in two different directions, which allows you to combine them with earwires and an additional pendant so that the earrings are arranged in one direction. For elegant earrings.