Kupon upominkowy, bon prezentowy o wartości 50zł

Gift voucher, gift voucher worth PLN 50

Tax included

Gift voucher for a gift.

The perfect gift for our regular customers, for creative people, or someone in whom you would like to instill a passion for craftsmanship.

After purchase, we will send a printable voucher (.jpg / .png / .pdf) to your e-mail address, containing a discount code worth PLN 50. Code expiry date - one year from the date of its receipt.

To redeem the code, enter the code in the basket. The voucher is unique, one-time and can only be used in its entirety.

In the comment to the order, please indicate for whom to write the voucher, otherwise the name will be left blank. If you have preferences as to the image format (out of the three mentioned above), also indicate it in the comment to the order.

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