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Phrenite beads - properties, use
Phrenite is one of the lesser-known raw materials that you will find in our bead store. We are pleased to present you this beautiful mineral, which is sometimes called prehnite. Its delicate color and numerous inclusions in the structure of the stone make the beads made of it quickly steal our hearts. We hope you will like them too!
Remember, however, that, like agate beads, frenite semi-finished products may differ significantly due to their rich structure. This guarantees the uniqueness of each jewelry made of them. However, it is worth remembering that the beads you see in our photos will certainly be slightly different from those you will see in your shipment.
Phrenite - stone properties
The properties of stones for jewelry often seem to be an irrelevant and boring issue. However, experienced craftsmen know that they determine whether a given mineral will work in the designed accessories. Although we most associate frenites with a light, cool green color, in reality this stone is more diverse. You can find it in transparent, yellow, blue, white and even pink!

The hardness of frenite on the Mohs scale is 6.5, which is quite a popular value for decorative stones. Phrenite beads are transparent or semi-transparent. Sometimes they show a cat eye effect. Polished frenite is a stone with a glassy, sometimes pearly glass luster. The structure of this mineral often contains inclusions of other stones such as datolite, calcite, apophyllite and others. They are what give frenite beads their unique character.
Jewelry with frenite
The fresh, light green color of frenite makes this stone perfect for spring accessories. However, when properly combined, frenit will work well as accessories for any occasion and season. In our store you will find frenite beads in various shapes and sizes. The surface of all beads in our offer is polished to bring out their maximum charm. What's more, frenit is available in both smooth and faceted versions.

You can combine the cool shade of frenite with cool semi-finished products such as surgical steel, aquamarine or labradorite beads. You can also use stones with similar shades, such as amazonite or fluorite. An interesting idea is to use frenite beads in combination with rose gold, amethyst or pearls. If you want to use frenit in men's accessories, combine it with beads made of natural stones such as onyx, blackstone or hematite. Frenite beads will go perfectly with a leather strap and waxed strings.
How to care for frenit
Frenites are quite hard stones, so everyday use should not negatively affect their appearance. However, due to the mineral composition of the stone, it is worth avoiding excessive contact of frenite with water. This applies not only to wearing frenite accessories, but also to cleaning them. It is recommended to clean them using dry microfiber cloths and polishing the stones if their surface becomes dull. Also remember to store jewelry with frenite in dry rooms, preferably in separate bags or boxes.

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