wire jewelry

How it actually took the wire jewelry? H3>

The first signs of jewelry using wire come thousands of years ago. In ancient times it was used to create filigree jewelry, not requiring any ability to craft. Filigree jewelery is a technique that uses extremely thin wires laid in openwork, intricate patterns. Jewelry gold wire was intended only for the wealthiest. It was popular among the Greeks, Mesopotamians and Egyptians, as evidenced by archaeological finds from Crete and from the tomb of Tutankhamun. In the Middle Ages with filigree jewelry were made sacred, prayer beads and pendants adorned with crosses attributes were prominent archbishops, filigree and later returned to favor in the Victorian era. P>

The wire was used for less rich to create a jewelry they have used instead of gold copper wire. Beads strung on a bent wire could be a bracelet, necklace or earrings. Wires copper and gold can be seen in Celtic jewelry and contemporary. P>


Jewelry wire today h3>

Today, the world is a global village, you can find any kind of jewelry. Both inspired by the history and sometimes primitive and modern intricate jewelry. Wire jewelry is a material that can be used to create any style of jewelry. Wire memory allows you to create bracelets fitted to the wrist of the owner, and working with the basis of bent wire, only limited by your imagination. P>

we offer wires are ideally suited to "wire wrappingu" craft techniques, which involves wrapping thin wire thicker and connecting them with other semi-finished products, such as beads of glass or precious stones. Using the spatial imagination and manual skills can create unique works. The wire, which he uses most often is silver or copper. A jewelry made with this technique is impressive and definitely attracts wzrok.4 p>


Our offer wires h3>

This is a selection of jewelery wire in a wide range of colors. We sell them wound on the spool, which greatly facilitates their transport and storage. As a result, the wires do not want to belong, not messy and do not destroy, and you can use them with pleasure. Copper wires are used not only in jewelry. Our wire for scrapbooking, the creation of flower arrangements and many decorating techniques. P>