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Jewelery wire

Where did the wire in jewelry actually come from?

The first traces of jewelry with the use of wire date back thousands of years. In antiquity, it was used to create filigree jewelry that required considerable craftsmanship. Filigree is a jewelry technique that uses extremely thin wires arranged in openwork, intricate patterns. Gold wire jewelry was intended only for the richest. It was popular among the Greeks, inhabitants of Mesopotamia and Egyptians, as evidenced by excavations in Crete and finds from the tomb of Tutankhamun. In the Middle Ages, filigree was made of sacred jewelry, ornate rosaries and pendants with crosses were the attributes of eminent archbishops, and later the filigree returned to favor in the Victorian era.

The wire was used by the less rich to create jewelry, they used copper wire instead of gold. The strung beads on the bent wire could become a bracelet, necklace or earrings. Copper and gold wires can be seen in Celtic and modern jewelry.

Wire jewelry today

Nowadays, when the world is a global village, you can find all kinds of jewelry. Both, inspired by history and primitive times, as well as intricate modern jewelry. Jewelry wire is a material that can be used to create any style of jewelry. Memory wire allows you to create bracelets that fit the owner's wrist, and working with bent wires is limited only by your imagination.

The wires we offer are ideal for wire wrapping, a craft technique that involves wrapping thinner wires on thicker ones and combining them with other semi-finished products such as beads made of precious stones or glass. Unique works can be created using spatial imagination and manual skills. The wire that is used is most often silver or copper. And jewelry made with this technique is effective and definitely eye-catching. 4

Our offer of wires

We present a selection of jewelry wires in a wide range of colors. We sell them on spools, which greatly facilitates their transport and storage. Thanks to this, the wires do not bend, tangle or damage, and you can use them with pleasure. Copper wires are used not only in jewelry. Our wire is suitable for scrapbooking, creating floristic compositions and many decorating techniques.

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