wood beads

Wood Beads are some of the most commonly used semi-finished products to jewelry making. Their popularity has been hidden in large choices and easy accessibility. Beads of raw wood are stylish, original, and this exhibit quite moderately priced. Moreover, their treatment does not cause major problems at work. The holes are large, so threading them literally takes a few moments. Bet on the wooden beads and allow yourself to create a unique and stunning in its simplicity of projects. P>

Wood Beads - bet on the organic nature of the jewelry h3>

The natural beauty returned to favor. Organic jewelry has become extremely fashionable in recent times, and that adapts to any kind of style. Wooden jewelry is perfectly integrated with all the stylizations boho and gives you a chance to create a loose, casual jewelry every day. But not all - wooden bowls made with a bit more exotic or precious kind of wood can also become an original addition to evening dress. Check unlimited number of possibilities and find beads that perfectly adapt to each of your needs. P>

We offer beads, which allow you to create original, natural necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Jewelery making has never been so easy and enjoyable as using beads made of wood. Beads do not slide out from the fingers and easily adapt to the jeweler strings, chains, straps and veins. Moreover, wooden beads are susceptible to our processing, so the only limit when creating jewelry is your imagination. Connect naturalness and originality - attitudes jewelery with beads made of wood! P>

Exotic wood or wood raw? Fashionable proposition not only for today h2>

Jewelry made of old wood has become a timeless proposition for almost everyone. Beads well presented both alone and in the groups to form unique compositions. Often the question arises, which ones are more elegant and allow you to create interesting compositions. Exotic wood looks great with a bit more elegant styling projects and evening. Raw wood is, in turn, perfect for everyday jewelry that is characterized by simplicity and lack of pretension. Moreover, beads of raw wood are prone to coloring, so is the perfect opportunity to create exactly the composition of the thinking for years. P>

Wooden balls and not only Manzuko h3>

Beads located in our offer is above average number of patterns and combinations. In our collection proudly present the exotic wood: palm wood, tiger ebony, Bayong wood beads, robles, nanghka beads or rosewood. Finish the collection are kukui nut beads, beads of other nuts and corner beads. Take the types, shapes and colors, and are sure to find something for yourself! P>