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SEA GLASS matte glass beads

Sea glass means sea glass, we named this collection this way because the beads look like the glass that the sea sometimes decides to throw on the beach. Such smooth and matte glasses are sometimes collected by children, but they are also the object of hobby collecting. They are naturally made of sharp glass fragments, which are ground almost continuously when blown over by sea currents. As a result, the sharp edges of the fragments are smoothed and rounded, and the glass surface loses its smooth surface, which becomes dull after years of such "processing". Such glass is also used to create jewelry, often in combination with wood and bent wires.

How SEA GLASS beads are made

Sea glass can also be produced artificially, then it is mechanically processed in rock vessels or dipped in acids to obtain a matte appearance. Thanks to this, it is possible to create frosted glass in any color, in a much shorter time and in the desired shape, without relying on the fate of mother nature. Glass obtained in this technology is sometimes called frosted glass, which means frosted glass. Beads made with this technique scatter light in a delicate way, have an interesting texture and do not leave fingerprints on them.

SEA GLASS beads - use

We offer these matte beads in a wide range of colors and sizes suitable for the production of necklaces, earrings and, above all, bracelets. The lightness of the appearance makes jewelry made of these semi-finished products perfectly suitable for creating sunny, summer collections. Their texture reminiscent of the beach immediately brings to mind warm moments spent at the seaside. Sea glass beads connected with strings, tassels and wooden balls are a sure hit among summer trends. If you want to create universal jewelry or a winter collection, you can use darker shades of frozen glass balls and combine them with metal beads and spacers. These balls play the role of accent beads in compositions made of smooth glass or other materials with even surfaces.

Sea glass beads do not chip off, do not get dirty and do not get caught on clothes. Out of concern for your satisfaction, we have selected the highest quality balls. Just choose your color set, combine it with accessories and enjoy unique jewelry for years!

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